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Our Pledge

We at Save Energy Lighting Ltd. pledge our commitment to Responsible Lighting and building our customers’ successes with best in class products, advanced technology, innovative design and unparalleled service.


We use a “Responsible Lighting” innovation standard reflecting our holistic approach to business, encompassing a deep commitment to responsible eco-friendly manufacturing, extensive research/development, and energy saving technology, design aesthetics and altruism.   We always put our customers first, and strategize sales and marketing efforts based on their needs.


We have transformed family values into successful business values while promoting the highest standards of entrepreneurship and quality of life.   Further, we are committed to getting the job done right the first time.


Utilizing the latest advancements in light sources, materials, engineering, electronics, circuitry architecture and marketing, we push the boundaries of engineering and inspired designs helping to produce innovative luminaire solutions that feature aesthetic appeal, easy installation, energy efficiency, sustainability, durability, and safety, as well as superior performance and longevity that outlasts most others.


We take a leadership approach within the industry in manufacturing, product development, warranty/guarantees and social responsibility.   We continue to build our technological and research core competencies to develop a robust product assortment that is supported by a first-class team, distinguishing our company from the competition as a true leader in Solid State Lighting


We foster an environment of honest, direct and relevant communications, with an emphasis on listening.   We are committed to open and timely communication to all our customers, employees, associates, sub-contractors, agents, resellers, suppliers and shareholders on all matters.   We will communicate clear expectations, evaluate results, provide constructive feedback and reward performance, accordingly.


We always act with integrity and engender trust among our employees, customers and industry colleagues around the globe.

Operational Excellence

We are dedicated to continuous improvement and to providing a quality product to our customers.   We use customer measurements as our scorecard, make decisions with our customer perspective in mind and are fast-responsive to their needs.   Finally, we continuously monitor our performance through key business metrics that are reviewed and monitored on an hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Commitment to Employees

We value our entire workforce and are dedicated to fair treatment, open communications, ongoing training, respect and growth assistance to every employee, associate or subcontractor within our business.

Best-in-Class Practices

The company continuously seeks better means and methods of conducting our business and improving our processes.   We accomplish this by implementing lean initiatives and by sharing best practices throughout our business.

Giving Back and Social Responsibility

We pledge to be honorable corporate citizens by supporting the communities in which we operate.   We encourage employees to be involved in charitable donations and in civic events through volunteerism.   Moreover, we protect the environment through “green” initiatives where feasible.   After all, we’re the ultimate “green” source of light!